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What we can offer in the area of truck tolling services.

Tolling services for Heavy Goods Vehicles above 3,5 tons are typically regulated in each country in a specific way. As a consequence international driving trucks are confronted with a situation where they need to install a number of different On-Board Units (OBUs) in order to be compliant with the given tolling regulations. Any such On-Board Unit requires to sign-up a toll service contract with the respective toll charger. Depending on the number of countries the handling of these contracts in various languages as well as the different invoicing procedures causes quite an administrative burden to any haulier or logistic company.

The solution is a European wide toll service based on a single On-Board Unit and a single point of contact for all administrative, contractual and invoicing topics.
In order to provide such services the European Commission has issued a number of regulations defining the frame conditions for the so- called EETS (European Electronic Toll Service). Back in 2018 the German Federal Office for Goods Traffic gave tolltickets certification as an EETS provider, paving the way for the start of tolltickets’ truck tolling service all across Europe.

The On-Board Unit is being supplied by Kapsch TrafficCom which is the sole shareholder of tolltickets. The device has been developed by Kapsch and is being produced in Austria as a truly European tolling device. This EETS OBU-5310 is currently certified and ready for use in countries like Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, France, Sweden and will very soon be available in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark and Norway. A number of tunnels and bridges all around Europe are as well included in the service portfolio. Further countries will become available upon the technical readiness of the toll charger who needs to prepare the toll system beforehand in order to be compliant with the EETS directive.

How to get an EETS On-Board Unit from tolltickets?

tolltickets is currently not offering its truck tolling services directly to end users but only via partners as an indirect sales channels. Our partners usually have a strong background with existing services directly connected to the transportation industry such as fuel card issuers, fleet management service providers or other telematic and transport related services. Based on the tolling services provided by tolltickets the partner can focus on developing and operating his own native services by adding at the same time tolling to his portfolio without having the need to invest into the necessary certifications, the complex technical IT infrastructure and the required EETS On-Board Unit. If required tolltickets can provide such services as “white-labelled” allowing the partner to brand the service and the On-Board Unit according to his own marketing strategy.

If you are interested in such a business model and in a cooperation with tolltickets we kindly ask you to fill out and send the form below. We will get back to you for an individual discussion and proposal.


A toll service based on tolltickets’ EETS OBU-5310 is currently only offered to the commercial freight transport sector. You can find our available products for motorhomes/camper vans with a maximum permissible gross weight over 3.5 tons on the website https://www.tolltickets.com/country/products.



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